About Us


King Davis, Jr. was raised on a small, cow-calf ranch in Lincoln County, Missouri, located near the Mississippi River, part way between St. Louis and Hannibal.

Horses were an integral part of the ranch and were vital in gathering cattle from the hilly, wooded terrain on the ranch and for sorting them in the gathering pens. King got is first horse when he was 8 years old land learned to ride “on the job”.  He loved riding and was constantly trying to get his Dad, King Sr., to let him rope and run after the cattle. His Dad’s consistent response was, “son, we are trying to put weight on the cattle, not run it off”! Consequently, King’s desire to rope and learn other cowboy skills was put off for the future.

After graduating from the University of Missouri, King became a U.S. Marine Corps Infantry and Force Reconnaissance Officer and was away from horses for many years.  In 1976 he was commissioned as a Special Agent in the U.S. Secret Service and in 1980 was selected to be among the original 20 Special Agents that were trained by the U.S. Park Police to protect President Ronald Reagan on horseback.  Riding with the President rekindled King’s passion for horses and improved his riding skills.

After retiring from the Secret Service and the U.S. Army Reserve, Special Forces, as a Colonel, King became the Chief of Police in Sierra Madre, CA. and later in Azusa, CA.  Looking up at the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains that bordered both cities, King knew he had to get a horse and explore those mountains and other places of beauty in the west.

Since then, he has ridden the mountains and deserts of California, and other places, like Monument Valley, AZ, the Wasatch and Uintah ranges of Utah and the Bridger/Teton Mountains of Wyoming. He has been an avid team roper for 15 years and has won numerous jackpots, saddles and trophy buckles.

After purchasing what is now Crown Ranch, King and his wife Jeanine, who is also an avid and accomplished horsewoman, decided to increase their string of horses, enjoy and increase their levels of training and then, when the time is right, offer them for sale to be enjoyed and loved by new owners.

Riders who have purchased Crown Ranch horses have become life-long friends of
King and Jeanine.  New owners include, team ropers, trail riders and even the Los Angeles Police Department.  All of them love their horses and routinely send photos and stories about their experiences with Crown Ranch horses.

King and Jeanine hope that you will find your dream horse on the Crown Ranch and that you will enjoy, care for, and love your horse with the same passion that they did when he was at the Crown.