I purchased a 6 year old gelding from King in April. From the initial ride to the vet check to the final pick up, everything was about as nice a process as I’ve experienced.
Instead of showing up with a horse caught, warmed up and waiting; King suggested I get him out of the pen, saddle him and warm him up….we then took him on an 8 hour trail ride. If that doesn’t show you what you’re buying, nothing will.
What I got was a nice, well mannered gelding ready to trail ride or rope. He was as advertised and just keeps getting better as he gets older. My neighbors purchased a horse from him the same week and they’re just as satisfied with their purchase!

Mike Ready,
Saddle and Sirloin Riding Club,
Los Angeles, CA

Big Sky

I was looking for a backup horse to team rope jackpot on. My lead horse, and the one I was most confident on, had just turned 20. King had let a friend of mine know that he had some nice horses for sale. I bought the one he called "Big Sky". Sky has not only fit the bill of a perfect backup horse, but due to the age of my number one horse, he has moved into the starter position for me. Maybe I'll be able to grab another horse that King has available in the future and move him up to being my next number one.
Greg Keenan
Empty Saddle Club, Inc.