Our Horses


If you’re looking for a great horse for a fair price, you’ve come to the right place. I’m not a “Horse Trader.” I don’t need to sell horses to put food on the table or pay my mortgage. I love horses and search for beautiful horses, with excellent conformation, breeding and ability. I primarily look for trained team roping head horses. But, I don’t overlook finished ranch horses or excellent prospects in other disciplines.

Also, I don’t claim to be a “Horse Trainer”. When I buy a horse I do what is within my capability to make them a better horse and partner. I have a good record on working on such issues as: ground manners, clipping, tying, being clam in the wash rack, side passing, opening and closing gates, hobbling, loading easily in a trailer, and not jigging on the trail.

When it comes to training in specific disciplines I reach out to experts in the field. Dan Edstrom, from Apple Valley, CA. frequently starts my rope horses. He’s clearly one of the best in the business. My fiends Mark Drum and Brandon Simpson, both from Chino, CA. are also excellent horsemen and have worked with my rope horses. Other friends, such as expert barrel racer and trainer, Karla Sanchez, will do any barrel horse training that is needed. I’ve sent horses to Anne Maxwell, from Chino, who is also a good hand at getting a horse calm and well broke.

I would love to keep all of my horses, but practically, that’s not possible. That would also prevent me from acquiring and working with new horses. Consequently, I’ve become (for the lack of a better name) a “Horse Matcher”. I try to match some of my great horses with new owners that are looking for just what I found and made better.

I’ve had people tell me they are looking for a beautiful, well-mannered, well-bred, finished horse around 8 years old. Oh, and they also only want to pay around $8,000! Well folks, there may be horses like that out there, but I can guarantee that there are plenty of Horse Traders and others that are looking for the same. If you’re offered a horse like that, please ask a lot of questions. Get a vet check and try to find out if that horse is what the owner claims it to be!

Over the years I’ve seen people riding horses that were given to them, rescued off the race track, or bought as a “bargain” for a few hundred or thousand dollars. I can’t recall one that got more than their money’s worth. What they usually got was someone else’s problem. Problems like being pushy, head shy, pulling back, refusing to load, kicking, rearing, and bucking are not only frustrating and can ruin the owners enjoyment for riding, but can be dangerous

Several years ago, the great Walt Woodard, 2-time World Champion Team Roper commented about how most team ropers have a $60,000 truck, a $100,000 living quarters horse trailer, ride on a $5000 saddle and then refuse to pay more than a few thousand dollars for a horse.

I want these horses, in which I’ve invested money, time and emotion, to go to great owners that will love, use and even further develop their abilities. Failure for me is to see a horse mistreated, stand in his stall or pen most of his life, or repeatedly sold to a new owner.

I want to be confident that the horse and the new owner are a good match or I won’t sell!

With all of that said, if you’re looking for a horse that you’ll ride, treat like a partner and enjoy, take a look at what is available at Crown Ranch!